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Relio is a platform for patrons and venues alike with a mission to reinvigorate Sydney’s nightlife.


Discover your city with Relio, gaining access to real-time promotions, deals and events at a diverse range of venues via our app, earning rewards and prizes as you do so.


Start earning rewards at your local today.


Introducing Relio

Check-in and earn

When you check in at a Relio partner venue you earn points that go towards your Relio balance to let you redeem offers at select partner venues.

Weekly competitions

Each week the highest point earners on the Relio leaderboard will win bespoke prizes.

Exclusive promotions

Get access to exclusive real-time deals on your night out. 

Partner Venues
For Businesses

For Businesses

Manage live promotions

  • Create and run multiple promotions in real-time

  • Analyse the effectiveness of promotions in driving foot traffic of your target users

  • Relio smart tools will suggest deals based on past customer behaviour

Create genuine loyalty

  • Keep your loyal customers coming back for more by offering rewards and incentives 

  • Manage your own loyalty program through Relio so you can better understand and reward your patrons

Smart analytics

  • Understand your patron demographics, analyse how music type, events, deals and promotions influence who comes to your venue and how long they stay 

  • Utilise Relio smart insights to your advantage to have an edge on the competition

Get early access

Start earning rewards at your local today.

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